If you or someone you care for has been diagnosed with cancer, you may be asking:

  • Are there alternatives to radiation, chemo and surgery?
  • Are there natural remedies that are effective?
  • Which hospitals, clinics or doctors have the most experience helping people with my type of cancer?
  • Is immune therapy the right choice for me?
  • Are supplements and antioxidants helpful?
  • What kind of diet will help my body heal?

Since 1977, Moss Reports has been answering these questions, and more.

    Available in eBook and Print.

    There are Moss Reports for most cancer types.

    Each report is over 500 pages of up-to-date expert analysis on all your treatment options including:


    Alternative Treatments

    Conventional Treatments



    Doctors and Clinics

    Clinical Trials

    Diet and Lifestyle


    If you do not find a report on the condition you are seeking information about, please contact us.


    Your personal consultation with Dr. Moss will help you make the most informed treatment decisions.

    Ralph W. Moss, PhD
    Founder and director of Moss Reports

    Empowering you.

    For over 40 years, Ralph Moss has been empowering cancer patients, their families and caregivers, by helping them make their most informed treatment decisions.

    Making sense of it all.

    Oncologists will usually recommend some combination of chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. Side effects and risk to benefit ratio need to be carefully considered. When it comes to alternative treatments, you need to know which ones have value, and which ones are ineffective or dangerous. Dr. Moss helps you understand your options and make the best choices possible.  

    Knowledge and experience.

    Dr. Moss and his team travel the world to visit clinics, interview doctors and patients, and analyze their research data. We bring that information back, compile it and share it with you. During your consultation you will learn which treatments have value and which ones lack scientific validity. 


    Your life may depend on the decisions you make now. You need completely unbiased information. Dr. Moss maintains the highest standard of scientific integrity, honesty and strict impartiality.  

    Real value.

    We know that dealing with cancer poses more than just health challenges. It can lead to significant financial burdens. Making informed decisions can help you prevent a waste of your precious time and resources. 

    Easy to Understand.

    Dr. Moss communicates in a way that is clear, concise and easy-to-understand. He keeps the jargon to a minimum and shares his knowledge at a pace that works for you.

    Compassionate and kind.

    As a survivor of prostate cancer himself, Dr. Moss understands and is sensitive to what you are going through. Together, you and Dr. Moss will create the most effective plan for your treatment. 

    There are Moss Reports on these Cancer Types:

    Please click link below to read more about the Moss Report on that cancer type.

    Elizabeth M.

    Dr. Moss really helped my father gain an understanding of his cancer and all his options, especially those he never knew he had. I strongly believe that my father looks and feels great today because of The Moss Reports and Dr. Moss’s dedicated and caring work.

    Elizabeth M.
    F. Joseph Bradley, Jr.

    Thank you for your help during my wife’s recent fight against breast cancer. Your report was extremely helpful in stimulating the right questions we needed to ask about her condition and treatment. My wife is now cancer free and joins me in thanking you for your support.

    F. Joseph Bradley, Jr.
    David R.

    Trying to evaluate the claims of the various alternatives is grasping at wind. I appreciate all of the legwork that you have done to investigate the clinics and the treatment methods. The report was well worth the money, and I have already begun recommending it to other colon cancer patients.

    David R.
    Audrey B.

    The Moss Report was extremely helpful and hopeful. It made us feel like we were in charge of life again. You’re making an incredible contribution to people who are most vulnerable.

    Audrey B.

    We had been looking for an independent, comprehensive and consolidated source of information on cancer treatments and the Moss Report serves that very purpose.

    Shaurya G.
    Arthur E.

    After doing research on all possible conventional and alternative cancer therapies, I continuously go back to my Moss Report, the most comprehensive, useful and reliable guide to navigating the sea of contradictory information. It is our source of guidance and information.

    Arthur E.

    It was very helpful to talk with Ralph Moss! He has a truly unique knowledge of cancer research and treatments—conventional and alternative. Especially helpful were his personal acquaintance with doctors, practitioners and clinics. This has been a great help in navigating the maze of treatment alternatives.

    Deborah F.
    Andrea M.

    I would, without reservation, advise any patient who is facing decisions about cancer treatment, to have a consult with Dr. Moss in order to navigate these very murky and many times uncharted waters.

    Andrea M.
    Olivia L.

    We felt that speaking to Dr. Moss was a great gift. He has a wealth of information, which we were able to receive because the person we were speaking to was unbiased and had such an obvious concern for humankind.

    Olivia L.
    Corrine F.

    Your report has helped me enormously to sort out what might be worth trying and what not. It continues to help me understand how I can change my own lifestyle for maximum health. Your writing is clear and non-technical. I can literally breeze through it.

    Corrine F.
    Ronald G.

    When my father was diagnosed with cancer we were all in shock and didn’t know where to turn for accurate, unbiased information. Your books, website and Report were like a beacon of light shining in a dark place for our family.

    Ronald G.
    Thomas K.

    He helped me see in which direction I might go. I made a plan after talking with him that was clearer than the scattered thoughts and random choices that had been floating in my mind previous to our talk. Thank you for your valuable gift.

    Thomas K.
    Sandra A.

    Thanks for your help. Your service is a marvelous resource, tremendously helpful for those of us sifting through the masses of information that we have to go through in these really stressful situations.

    Sandra A.
    Zena H.

    I cannot tell you how much your material has meant to me. It has given me the knowledge to chart my course without fear. Knowing you are out there has had a profound effect on me. I have felt peace of mind for the first time in two months since I discovered the lump.

    Zena H.

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