Cancer and Coronavirus

COVID-19 does NOT cause cancer To the best of our knowledge, coronavirus COVID-19 does not cause cancer. That said, the coronavirus, and any of the other influenza strains of viruses, do pose a special risk to the millions of people, worldwide, who are struggling with...

Modified Citrus Pectin Fights Cancer Metastases

Modified Citrus Pectin Fights Cancer Metastases Modified citrus pectin fights cancer metastases. This makes it potentially one of the most important substances in the complementary arsenal against cancer. MCP is a chemically altered form of pectin, a substance that is...

Probiotics and Cancer: Boosting the Immune System

There is new evidence that probiotics and cancer are related. Microbes often found in yogurt can boost the immune system and help beat malignant diseases! At least this helps explain why some people respond so well to immune treatment for their cancers, while others...
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