Probiotics and Cancer: Boosting the Immune System

There is new evidence that probiotics and cancer are related. Microbes often found in yogurt can boost the immune system and help beat malignant diseases! At least this helps explain why some people respond so well to immune treatment for their cancers, while others...


Ascorbic Acid Scores Big in Iowa In late 2018, the use of intravenous high-dose ascorbic acid (vitamin C) scored a big victory when Matthew S. Alexander, MD, a surgeon at the University of Iowa Medical Center, and 15 co-authors, published two studies in the...

Is this One Dollar Pill a Breast Cancer Breakthrough?

Can this pill save lives? A one dollar pill may prevent many early relapses and deaths from breast cancer. It also may work on some other common form of cancers. This is the suggestion of some researchers at Harvard University, as well as at other top institutions in...
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