Doctors at Hadassah Hospital, Ein Kerem

This week I am happy to introduce a new special report on “CAM and Cancer in Israel.” This report is the result of a trip I took this summer to Israel, touring clinics and meeting doctors who use complementary and alternative medicine in this small but dynamic country. My visit took me to Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem and their environs. I visited doctors in private practice, in HMOs and in hospitals and university clinics. I also met with inventors and discoverers in this so-called “start up nation.” The trip was fascinating on many levels.  CAM is as popular in this small country as any place I have visited and its degree of integration into conventional medicine is arguably the greatest in the world! Although my focus is on what is offered to Israelis there are opportunities here for international cancer patients who want to explore integrative options from some of the finest doctors I know.

“CAM and Cancer in Israel” totals 63 pages in length. It includes photos of the main practitioners, as well as an appendix of contact information (addresses, phone numbers, emails) of these doctors. There is a ten-page bibliography of peer-reviewed journal articles on CAM in Israel and a listing of the major organizations that support CAM usage in this ancient land.

My visit was supported by a grant from a non-profit European foundation, Reliable Cancer Therapies. It was reviewed for accuracy by leading Israeli and American physicians. Some of their comments are given below:

“Ralph Moss’s report on CAM and cancer in Israel is extensive and enlightening. I thank him for his significant contribution and support of our activities in the Holy Land.”
—Eran Ben-Arye, MD, Haifa, Israel

“Ralph Moss’s report provides in-depth research on a subject never investigated before. In the course of his visit he reached most of the serious CAM-cancer practitioners in this country. He has shown that CAM can be practiced in a serious way and add greatly to the treatment of cancer patients.”
—Joseph Brenner, MD, Tel Aviv, Israel

“In this report, the story of CAM in Israel is told in a powerful, comprehensive and interesting way by a keen outside observer. I am impressed by Moss’s systematic and informative coverage, including relevant background information, a vast number of facts, and a balanced description of a large variety of CAM activities. Moss has done a great job.”
—Jacob Shoham, MD, PhD, Ramat-Gan, Israel

“Ralph Moss provides an in-depth report on CAM and cancer in Israel. His detailed encounter with the various experts is an important and much needed guide for both health providers and patients who are interested in this thriving field.”
—Isaac Eliaz, MD, Santa Rosa, Calif.

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