Mexican Clinic List

I’m trying to update my knowledge of the Tijuana-area cancer clinics. Below is my current list of 20, including the name of the program, the medical director, the year it was founded, and the Web site (if there is one). I have eliminated a few that have disappeared in the past few years. Do you know of any changes to this list?  Do you have updated information on any of these? I would be interested in hearing about your experiences at these clinics, pro or con. Do you know of any other Mexican clinics that you feel I should investigate? Thanks in advance for your help.


    1. Alivizatos Program at IBC, Rodrigo Rodriguez, MD, 1994,


    1. Alpha Medical Clinic, Humerto Barbosa, MD, 1983,


    1. American Metabolic Institute, Geronimo Rubio, MD, 1987, No Web site. Not clear if they are still in business.


    1. Baja NutriCare, Luz Bravo, MD, 2002 No Web site, but see:


    1. Bio-Medical Center (Hoxsey), Liz Jonas, 1963 No Web site


    1. Center for Holistic Life Extension, Dr. Luis Velazquez, 1989


    1. CHIPSA Immunological Med Ctr., Ron Carreño, MD, 1990


    1. CIPAG (ex-IMAQ) Isai Castillo, MD, 1984


    1. Hope4Cancer (Rapha) Clinic Antonio Martinez, MD, 1998


    1. Ingles Hospital Sonia Rodriquez, MD, 2002


    1. IPT clinic Donato P. Garcia, III, MD, 1988,


    1. International BioCare Rodrigo Rodriguez, MD, 1975,


    1. Issels Vaccine Program Dr. Mejia, Christian Issels, 1996


    1. Mission Medical Clinic James Gunier, HMD, 1984


    1. Oasis of Hope Hospital Francisco Contreras, MD 1970


    1. Providence Pacifica Hospital Gary Tarasov, MD, Web site unknown


    1. San Diego Clinic Filiberto Muñoz, MD 1998 (But is out of commission)


    1. Sanoviv Hospital M. Wentz PhD, 1998,


    1. Scientific Regeneration Inst. Neil C. Norton, MD 1968 No Web site. But see:


    1. Stella Maris, Clinic Gilberto Alvarez, MD, 1990,


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