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The Moss Reports provide you with a very readable, yet detailed, explanation of your particular cancer diagnosis. Moss Reports are available for all common cancer types, and are regularly updated to include latest information on cancer treatment methods, centers and clinics. In each Moss report you will find:

  • Analysis of standard treatments, such as surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, their effectiveness, pluses and drawbacks
  • Information on conventional, integrative, experimental, complementary, CAM, dietary, and alternative cancer treatments that have been scientifically validated.
  • There is also a listing of which treatments lack scientific credibility.
    A discussion of major dietary changes that are associated with decreasing the aggressiveness of cancer cells, stimulating the immune system, and killing cancer stem cells.
  • Diet that helps to prevent and suppress cancer
  • Description of the newest conventional and alternative methods of cancer treatment
  • Details and analysis of conventional and alternative cancer treatment centers in the US and worldwide
  • …and much more.

There are Moss Reports on these cancer types

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