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Preparing for your consultation

  • If you have purchased a Moss Report in PDF or printed format, we advise that you do your best to look it over ahead of time.
  • Have notes prepared with questions that you would like to ask Dr. Moss, in order of importance.
  • Have a highlighter pen in order to make it easier to find sections of the Moss Reports that you want to refer to later.
  • While we encourage having a loved one or caregiver present during phone consultations, please know that for efficiency of communication, we ask you to limit it to two people doing the talking on your side. You may wish to have a notepad handy for others in the room, or on the conference call to share their questions with you.
  • If you have additional documents you want Dr. Moss to review, please email them to You may wish to include a file with a case history summary. Please limit the number of documents to 6 pages, if possible.
  • Dr. Moss will review the information on this form, as well as any additional documentation you may choose to send.
  • We do not need your medical records, and Dr. Moss will not log in to medical portals.
  • As a reminder, Ralph W. Moss, PhD is not a medical doctor, we are not a medical facility. We will review the conclusions of your existing medical diagnosis and treatment recommendations. We will not re-evaluate your scans, or medical tests.
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