By Ralph W. Moss, PhD.

Editors note: June 2021 – We are leaving this article up despite the fact that there are now vaccines for COVID-19. We believe that Superinfection Therapy has potential to help fight disease and we wish the researchers involved success in their investigations.

I have been a medical journalist for the past 45 years, investigating innovative treatments around the world. In 1991, while on a trip to Eastern Europe, I met scientists pursuing a very unusual type of treatment called Superinfection Therapy (SIT). The basic idea is that if someone has a viral infection, you can sometimes knock it out by giving them a second albeit harmless viral infection.

The idea came from clinical observations of unrelated viruses interacting in patients. Infection by one type of hepatitis virus (e.g. HCV) is often terminated after accidental infection by a second hepatitis virus (e.g. HBV). In such cases, one virus dominates over the replication of the other virus. Nevertheless, in cases when both viruses are pathogenic the disease persists, and hepatitis remains.

An international consortium of virologists propose Superinfection Therapy testing on COVID-19

Superinfection Therapy

The innovative Superinfection idea came from Laszlo Csatary, a Hungarian-American medical doctor and was further developed by Tibor Bakacs, MD, PhD, DSc, who currently works at the Alfred Renyi Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Over the years, I’ve gotten to know Dr. Bakacs very well, and we have collaborated on many scientific projects. Another close collaborator is Shimon Slavin, MD, formerly the director of Israel’s National Bone Marrow Transplant Center. Dr. Slavin is currently the medical director of the Superinfection Therapy program.

Recently, four outstanding virologists, Imre Kovesdi, Marc Van Ranst, Peter M. Chumakov, Volker Sandig, together with Bakacs, have come up with a proposal that Superinfection Therapy should be tested for COVID-19. The rationale for this is spelled out in a recent scientific paper. (Links to a preprint of that paper and other supporting documents are given below.)

Administering harmless viruses for Superinfection Therapy has already worked to prevent or mitigate seasonal flu in more than 300,000 individuals.

Administering harmless viruses for Superinfection Therapy has already worked to prevent or mitigate seasonal flu in more than 300,000 individuals, and to treat hepatitis B and C infections in more than 40 patients. The new treatment is based on biologic action against the pathogenic virus induced by the harmless virus that jump-starts an immediate anti-viral resistance by secretion of interferon, Nature’s anti-viral mechanism that exists in every cell, resulting in recruitment of the innate immune system.

Superinfection Therapy shows promise of working against COVID-19

Significantly, in the laboratory SARS-2 that causes COVID-19 infections is extremely sensitive to interferon. Therefore, Superinfection Therapy shows promise of working against COVID-19!

Superinfection Therapy could provide a safe, effective and inexpensive way of treating the coronavirus pandemic!

So, if within the Monitored Emergency Use of Unregistered Interventions Framework (MEURI) a clinical trial was successful, this could provide a safe, effective and inexpensive way of treating the coronavirus pandemic.

The group’s article has been viewed more than 1,000 times in the past month. But, frankly, that won’t matter much to people dying of COVID-19 infections.

Someone high up in government has to be told about Superinfection Therapy

Someone high up in government has to first understand that Superinfection Therapy even exists, and then they must authorize a clinical trial. So far, Tibor and his colleagues have been unable to reach even a single person with enough clout —and courage—to make this happen. It is a nightmare for them…and for humanity! Imagine being a virologist with a potential treatment for COVID-19, and not being able to get the word out!?

Edited June 2021


The scientific rationale behind Superinfection Therapy for COVID-19:

Why COVID-19 is probably susceptible to Superinfection Therapy:

Superinfection Therapy works against hepatitis B and C:

We strongly urge everyone to follow World Health Organization (WHO) advice on how to prevent and treat COVID-19 infections.